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Strip show:

The striptease shows are those performed by pretty ladies where they dance proactively, combining art with seduction in the body of a beautiful stripper woman and there are two classes, one in which the models At the end of the show they take off all their clothes, revealing all their private parts, and perform a "thong only" striptease at the end of the show, and to make it a little lighter, depending on the people there, the girls They are left with a mini thong, exposing their breasts, the striptease show lasts 45 minutes, which is accompanied by choreography and music that can be played by the people who requested the service, a lot of eroticism, sensuality and some pretty outfits to delight eyes and inspire fantasies, the beautiful VIP escorts have a wide variety of erotic outfits and costumes, which demonstrate their dedication and the professionalism with which they take their work.
It is not allowed to take photos, make videos or touch the girls, the shows are visual, we guarantee that the girls will dance close to you and do some very sexy movements, and if the event is to celebrate bachelor parties, they will They will gladly involve the honoree by touching him, caressing him and having fun.

Lesbian Show:

It is a waste of sensuality where two beautiful very slutty and lesbian companions slowly undress to the rhythm of the music and begin to caress themselves, going over their bodies, kissing and touching each other, with soft and firm movements to excite themselves, the shows They are totally real, these pretty girls are really giving themselves pleasure, they are a couple and they like to be watched while they have sex, they are very kinky and hot. The shows last 1 hour, and if at the end you want a meeting with one or both of the massage escorts, you can tell the models directly, they are happy to involve them in their rich and moist games.
Threesomes with two escorts:

Having a threesome with two beautiful escorts is great, because you are not involved romantically with the girls, and that makes the encounter more exciting, you will not have a problem giving them more attention or preferring one more than the other, they will make who they are. They are going to be in charge of making the moment more lustful. First, they can start with a sensual lesbian show where the beautiful companions will get naked with an exciting dance of stripties, caressing each other and when you meet excited, they will let you participate, they will give you oral sex between the two of them and then they take over your body to give you maximum pleasure, first with a relaxing 4-hand massage, and then sex with both of them, enjoy this sweet madness.
Service with couples:

If you are looking for a girl to satisfy both of you, in our Catalog you will find a wide variety of prepaid whores Bisexuals, ardent, who love this type of encounter, it is a unique experience, and is suitable for couples who want to experience new things, and above all, have a lot of confidence. They can also learn many little tricks to ignite their passion even more.
Preferred sexual practices:

Anal Sex: It is very exciting for men and several of our escorts practice it. We ask that when requesting the service and if you want anal sex, you inform us so we can tell you if the girl with the request, the service is offered, and also for them to bring the lubricants and what is necessary to offer you an unforgettable moment, to make this experience more pleasant, they often do foreplay with some objects.
Golden shower: Several of the sexy university escorts from the agency do it, but you must notify us so that the girls drink enough liquid, its term is Urolagnia, it is an action of control and that achieves excitement by seeing the submission or being subjected.
Submission: Let one of our university escorts dominate you
Toys: If you want to experiment with erotic toys, our girls will gladly carry them, you must ask for it when requesting the service, so that the girl can carry them.



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